Saturday, September 3, 2011

Poetry Prompt # 69 – Gratitude

During the last days of August, people living in my part of the country felt tremors from an earthquake several states away, and Hurricane Irene blasted our area with enough force to cause severe flooding, long power outages, and considerable property damage. Coming through with just a little water in the garage and a few branches down in the yard, I found myself reflecting upon gratitude and how blessed I am. That led me to think about how we express our gratitude for the obvious (food, shelter, clothing, family, friends) but what about the not-so-obvious and the profoundly personal? This week, let’s spend time thinking about something specific and special for which we’re grateful as the inspiration for a poem. Concentrate on using imagery to express emotion without "telling" and to create mood and atmosphere. Work with images that are “new-struck” and resonant.


And … by way of sharing, here’s a “gratitude” poem from What Matters

We Don’t Forget

Tonight you heard my
footsteps in the room

above and called to me.
I didn’t answer. There
was only the movement of

air my body made when
I turned to your voice.

Later, in what might have
been a dream, a little boy
played stickball in the street,

the moon shuffled home.
Grace is acceptance –

all of it, whatever is – as
in we live for this: love
and gratitude enough.

We don’t forget
how it feels to rejoice.

(from What Matters , Copyright © 2011 by Adele Kenny, Welcome Rain Publishers)


  1. A great reminder to be thankful, and a great poem from your new book!

  2. ADELE!

    Your book (What Matters) has arrived!

    I read it cover to cover twice, and now I'm re-reading favorite poems! Everything about this book is superb, from the book jacket, to the gold embossed boards, to the amazing content! You are, quite honestly, the best poet I've read in a long time.

    This blog post is about gratitude - I'm grateful to have your book!

    All the best,

  3. Thank you so much, Jamie! Your generous words mean a lot to me, and I'm very glad that you like the book. Thank you for your continued support!


  4. I really like this prompt and the way you've tied it into your experiences with natural "forces."

    I'm absolutely delighted for you on the publication of your new book. I ordered a while ago and eagerly wait to receive my copy (I think it may take a bit more time coming from the US to Ireland - a grand read to anticipate).

    My very best wishes, and my gratitude for all you do for poets and poetry.

    Máire Ó Cathail (Ireland)

  5. You're lovely, Maire! Thanks so much for your kind words and congrats, and thank you for your continued support of my blog. Please let me know when you receive your copy of the book.

    Go mbeannaí Dia duit,

  6. I am grateful to a GiuseppeCesaroPoeta, a very strange kind of poet, friend of mine, for these little little poem that gave me big big hope!

    I told you about the Sea Stars.
    I went to a tobacconist that has a photocopier.
    - Let me photocopy these three Sea Stars.
    - Put them on this blue envelope
    - These Sea Stars seem coming straight out of the sea -.
    Said the tobacconist.
    Just like my poem !!!

    Translation by A. Pancirolli

  7. Thanks so much for sharing your friend's wonderful poem, Jago!

    I especially like the slightly surreal quality.

    Thanks again!