Saturday, July 24, 2010

Postcards from Home, Rahway New Jersey


  1. This is excellent! The transitions you've used create wonderful effects. This should be of special interest to anyone who has an interest in the history of Rahway or in Americana.


    Marcy Hake Repp – I have tears in my eyes. Thank you, Adele.
    July 23 at 8:06am 

    Francine Smith – That was so nice Adele, I loved it!!!!

    July 23 at 8:45am 

    Pamela Kubu Priestly Fireline – Great video! Thank you.
    July 23 at 4:47pm 

    Dennis Kiick – Good Stuff!

    Saturday at 10:06am 

    John Egidio – Outstanding. Thanks.

    Saturday at 10:45am 

    Fern Esposito – Fantastic job!

    Saturday at 11:18am

    Diane Mayer Manhire - Great job! Very interesting! Thanks.
    Saturday at 11:52am 

    Diane Cavill – Great Job I loved it
    Saturday at 5:11pm 

    George Zarzycki – absolutely great!

    Saturday at 7:56pm 

    Elizabeth Nemeth-Safar – Beautifully conceived and produced. Thanks for the memories!

    Saturday at 7:57pm 

    Diane Cavill – Beautiful Thanks for the memories.
    Sunday at 4:04pm 

    I ♥ Rahway: Photography ~☼~ – LOVE IT!

    July 23 at 7:54am 

    Bill Young – very cool!!!

    July 23 at 8:02am 

    Mark Usinger – That was tremendous! Thank you for sharing. I'll have to load some of mine one of these days. I was particularly interested in the clay pits photo, which someone suggested is where Milton Lake is today. Is that the case?

    July 23 at 8:53am 

    Robyne Mascitelli Hastick – Thanks for sharing I love my hometown...

    July 23 at 9:49am 

    Tony Sager – Very nice collection, I enjoyed it, thank you Adele.

    July 23 at 10:01am 

    Julia Dobosiewicz – julia malek dobosiewicz, thanks for the post cards, I loved them

    July 23 at 10:42am 

    Dorothy Purdy-Weakland – Wow, what wonderful memories I enjoyed while watching the slideshow. Wonderful job and thank you for sharing with everyone.
    July 23 at 12:34pm


    Doug Engel – Love it. Thanks for sharing.
    July 28 at 7:16am

    Joyce Tortoriello – Very Nice and presented very well...........I too have an album full of Rahway postcards that I would never part with that I have collected through the years......I treasure them....Great memories of where I grew up....
    July 28 at 6:24pm

    Marcia Levy – It was great, brought back a lot of memories. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    July 28 at 8:03pm

    Helen Park-Klingensmith – gee it took me 32 years to miss Rahway, feeling nostalgic seeing all these pictures of streets and buildings I used to take for granted. Rahway seems to be so small compared to towns in Florida. I miss that small town feeling
    July 29 at 9:25pm

    Alma Palinsky – Thanks so much for that display. I haven't lived in Rahway for over 30 years, but it will always be home to me.
    July 30 at 9:39am

    Kathy Fredrickson – nice...thanks so much for sharing!
    August 1 at 3:53pm

    Joe Snegon Sr – That was great...really enjoyed it thanks!!
    August 4 at 10:58am

  4. WONDERFUL VIDEO! Thanks for sharing it.

    Sue R.