Sunday, July 18, 2010

Poetry Prompt #14 - Résumé Poem

Write a poem about your life (a poetic “résumé”) in which you really go introspective and dig deeply  (define and clarify).

Following are some “prompt supports” that you can include in your “résumé” poem (maybe as stanza starters).
  •   Negotiated
  •   Considered
  •   Coordinated
  •   Managed
  •   Developed
  •   Established
  •   Acquired
  •   Educated
  •   Organized
  •   Prepared
  •   Planned
  •   Recognized
  •   Controlled
  •   Survived
An alternate prompt is the Surrealist technique (or game) known as the “Dream Résumé,” which takes the form of an employment résumé but chronicles your life experiences, achievements, employment, etc. in  dreams, rather than in waking life. Sometimes dream résumés contain the achievements/details of both the real and the imagined (dream) lives. You can get very creative with this!

Another possibility for this prompt is to make up a résumé. Who would you like to be? What would you like to see in your real-life résumé?

Don’t forget that that you’re creating a poem, not just a résumé. Think in terms of imagery, figures of speech (similes, metaphors). Create a mood/tone – funny, serious … You may want to address this poem to someone (former lover or spouse, current lover or spouse, your child or children, someone who hurt you years ago). Let them know who you are and what you’re about!