Saturday, February 17, 2018

Prompt # 307 – Ten Recommended Journals

In the comments to last week's post, there were several requests for a list of poetry journals that I personally recommend. There are hundreds of outstanding poetry journals edited by gifted and discerning editors, and I'm grateful to those who have published my work. Below are ten (listed alphabetically) that are edited by people I know and for whom I have the greatest respect as poets and editors. I can vouch for the excellent design, elegant production, and superb poetry that are signature qualities of these fine literary journals.
Twenty years ago there were no online submissions, fewer literary magazines, fewer workshops and contests, fewer MFA programs, and fewer hopeful poets. Back then, most magazines did not allow simultaneous submissions, and most submitting was done by snail mail. Sending your poems off for consideration was an exercise in getting the materials together, sending them out, and waiting for an acceptance or a rejection to appear in your mailbox (often many months later). The “submissions culture” in those days was far different from today’s. Now, the process is quicker and easier. There are many more literary journals and e-zines looking for poetry, so poets have more choices than ever before; and submissions software for both electronic and print journals makes submitting poems less time-intensive than it used to be.

I suggest that you read a copy or two of any journal to which you hope to submit your work. It’s always a good idea to have a sense of what type of poetry is most likely to find a home before you send your poems (a way to avoid disappointment). In addition, be sure to read each journal’s specific submission guidelines carefully, and make a point of following them!

Consider this a “prompt” to encourage you to work on your poems
and to send some out for consideration.
I wish you the best!


Recommended Journals

Edison Literary Review
Editor: Gina Larkin

Editor: Tom Plante
Snail Mail Only to:
Tom Plante
PO Box 423
Fanwood, New Jersey 07023

Editor: Laura Boss

Editor: Maria Mazziotti Gillan

Poetry Editor: Emily Vogel

Editor: Mary-Jane Grandinetti

Editor: Joe Weil
An exciting new weekly online journal—still in the process 
of establishment.
You can read the first issue here: Shrew, Issue #1

Editor: David Crews

Publisher: Donna Baier Stein
Poetry Editor: Adele Kenny

Editors: Rotating, Members of U.S. 1 Poets’ Cooperative
            Snail Mail Only to:
            U.S.1 Worksheets
            P.O. Box 127
            Kingston, NJ 08528-0127


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  4. Thanks for sharing these recommendations, Adele. I'm making a point of looking for small press journals here in the UK too.

    1. You're very welcome, Jamie! Good idea to look for journals close to home.