Saturday, August 8, 2015

Summer Rerun #5 – Summer Reverie

Reverie: absentminded dreaming while awake; 
a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts.

Originally Posted Saturday, August 14, 2010

For me, during these “dog days” of summer, reverie means sitting in my gazebo (with my Yorkie next to me) and being “pleasantly lost” in thought to the music of birds, crickets, and cicadas. Sometimes my “absentminded dreamings” become poems.

For your reverie poem: 

1. Take a walk, lie on the grass, lounge in your favorite lawn chair (or, if the outdoor weather isn’t cooperative, relax on a sofa or other comfortable place in your home). Any time is fine, but try doing this in the morning or evening.
2. Keep paper and a pen or pencil nearby. 
3. Simply unwind, free your mind of distractions, and let yourself daydream. 
4. Write down some of the things that come to you, and don’t try to organize your thoughts. 
5. Later in the day (or the next day), go back to the notes you took during your reverie and look for inspiration. Is there something there that you can develop into a poem? What did you daydream about? What did your reverie bring to mind? Instead of one poem, you might find material for several short poems or a sequence of short poems. Your reverie may take a traditional, experimental, or fantasy form (and it's not necessary to use the word “reverie” in your title.


  1. Hi Adele,

    A perfect prompt for these evenings of summer reveries.

    ~ ~ ~

    A Summer Evening Reflection

    In the garden's three tiered scallop shell fountain
    stars twirl around Aphrodite
    in her gazebo
    as she balances a summer evening sky
    on the soles her feet.

    1. Nice, Lewis! Thank you for sharing! So glad you liked the prompt!

  2. Love this one -- there's something magical about the idea of summer reveries.

    1. Thanks, Jamie! I agree with you about the magic of summer, especially a lovely afternoon or a not-too-hot summer night. I hope you're having a good summer in England!

  3. Amita Jayaraman (Mumbai)August 11, 2015 at 8:47 AM

    Most enjoyable and such a lovely picture. Thank you, Adele.

    1. Thank you, Amita! Your comment is most appreciated! I send you grateful good wishes.

  4. sweat rolled down her cheeks
    nothing helped relieve the heat
    melting Artic ice

    1. Hello, Risa! So glad you're back! Thank you for sharing!

  5. long days and heat waves
    fireflies moonlighting dark
    frost is not far off

    1. Oh, don't remind me! The way time goes by so quickly, you're so right! Thanks for sharing your poem!

    2. Hi, Risa

      Love your wordplay of contrasting images, memories and feelings.