Saturday, February 4, 2012

Prompt #89 – Choices

With everything that has happened to you,
you can either feel sorry for yourself
or treat what has happened as a gift.
Everything is either an opportunity to grow
or an obstacle to keep you from growing.
You get to choose.

– Dr. Wayne Dyer

Choices can be like walking into a candy store and trying to figure out which sweet we want the most. Like items on a menu or flavors in an ice cream parlor, we have options. We choose “things” all the time, but not all choices are easy. We choose one job over another, we choose where to live, we choose our friends, we choose our life partners, and we choose the ways in which we deal with life experiences.

Have you ever thought about the ways in which a particular choice impacted your life? For this week’s prompt, begin by thinking about choices you've made. One option is to reflect upon the Wayne Dyer quote above before writing a poem about a choice that you’ve made and the ways in which you acted in response to that choice. An alternative suggestion is to write about any major choice that you’ve made; and a third option is to write a humorous poem about choices. You might even try a poem with the title, "You Get to Choose."

Sample Poems:


  1. A Door Opens, A Door Closes

    A door that was open,
    It fades into the wall,
    Becomes the wall,
    And you realize
    You will never be
    On the other side
    Of that wall,
    The other side
    Where everything is different,
    In the land of What Could Have Been.

    Or maybe you walked through that door,
    And then it closed,
    Faded into the wall,
    Became the wall,
    And now you realize
    You can never get back
    To the other side
    Of that wall,
    The other side
    Where everything was really okay after all,
    Back in the land of Leave Well Enough Alone.

    A door opens,
    A door closes.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Russ! It's great to read your poem each week.

  2. Another wonderful prompt! I've got a cold and really enjoyed just clicking on the example poems and reading quietly.

    My thanks to Russ for continuing to share his poems with us!

    Sniffly & Sneezy,

    1. So glad you're enjoying the poems despite your cold, jamie! I hope you're feeling better very soon!

  3. You DO make us think, Adele!

    Máire Ó Cathail (Ireland)